Notes #9

Using Strace to Trace Linux Syscalls

Tailscale: Subnet routers and traffic relay nodes

…you can set up a “subnet router” (previously called a relay node or relaynode) to access these devices from Tailscale. Subnet routers act as a gateway, relaying traffic from your Tailscale network onto your physical subnet. Subnet routers respect features like access control policies, which make it easy to migrate a large network to Tailscale without installing the app on every device.

Mnemonic to remember tar command on Linux

Using a simple mnemonic helps memorize the famously hard to use tar command.

Scripting with Go

If the shell is the traditional way of writing systems software, then what would be the point of using a language like Go instead? It has many advantages: Go programs are fast, scalable, can be written quickly, and can also be maintained by large teams over a long time.

Structured Logging with slog

The new log/slog package in Go 1.21 brings structured logging to the standard library. Structured logs use key-value pairs so they can be parsed, filtered, searched, and analyzed quickly and reliably.

How architecture diagrams enable better conversations

From the training itself, is that the C4 method provides a consistent language which can be used when talking about architecture From using and applying the C4 method, is that diagrams can be an enabler for better conversations

My custom Tesco Clubcard pkpass

My significant other and I had two plastic Tesco Clubcards. I lost mine, so I took a picture of hers. I was fairly certain a barcode photo would scan just as well at self-checkout, and it did.

This got me thinking about Apple’s Wallet pkpasses. I don’t really know much about them. Could I potentially create my own .pkpass? If I could just include the same barcode as in the photo, it should do the job just fine.

No one actually wants simplicity

The reason that modern web development is swamped with complexity is that no one really wants things to be simple. We just think we do, while our choices prove otherwise.