Notes #7

Infinite Mac

Infinite Mac is a collection of classic Macintosh system releases and software, all easily accessible from the comfort of a (modern) web browser.

From React to htmx on a real-world SaaS product: we did it, and it’s awesome!

Where Hollywood’s Printed Props Are Made!

File distribution over DNS: (ab)using DNS as a CDN

I woke up on Saturday with a silly idea: what would it be like to use content-defined chunking (CDC) and serve the chunks over DNS? DNS caching could make scaleout and incremental updates quite efficient, at least in theory. Strong hashing gives robust download integrity. DNS replication gives you a kind of high availability, even!

Shamir Secret Sharing

The three of us entered our passphrases… to be met with the error message I haven’t seen in weeks: “Sorry, one or more wrong passphrases. Can’t reconstruct the key. Goodbye.” Surely one of us screwed up typing, no big deal, we’ll do it again. No dice. No dice – again and again, even after we tried numerous combinations of the three people necessary to decrypt.

Knowledge Laundering

In my mind, “knowledge laundering” is the process of disguising, concealing, or otherwise hiding the origins of information by converting it into a seemingly legitimate expression of original synthesization through use of a language model.

Behind “Hello World” on Linux

Today I was thinking about – what happens when you run a simple “Hello World” Python program on Linux, like this one?


Harbormaster is a small container orchestrator that lets you run multiple Docker Compose applications on a single host, with automatic deploys/restarts, simply by pushing to a git repo.

I’ve been thinking about building something similar for some time now. TBH I have some scripts that take care of this.