Notes #5

Hypermedia Systems Book

This books describes the approach I’ve been using to build modern web apps for the last few years. This is the same approach I used back when I was just getting started in web development around 2010.

The books is available for free online but please consider buying a copy to support the writers.

It Takes 6 Days to Change 1 Line of Code

This post takes us on a little adventure to change a single line of code at a large company. If you haven’t experienced this before, I can assure you that this feels all too real.

Large companies are optimized for uptime and not change. Every step in the process is there for a reason. It prevents errors and downtime from getting into production.

The more modern approach is to optimize for change. That way, when an error gets into production, you can fix it quickly, and when a business change is required, you can make it without much ceremony.

How I run my servers

After some years as the CTO of a cloud-native company, I have learned to appreciate this approach a lot more. The new app I’m working on is currently hosted on a single VM.

The common wisdom is to delegate as much as possible to vendors and focus on your app, which comes with a hefty price and complexity. I would argue that many web apps (most?) need minimal resources, and scaling is not an issue.

Dynamic Users with systemd

TL;DR: you may now configure systemd to dynamically allocate a UNIX user ID for service processes when it starts them and release it when it stops them. It’s pretty secure, mixes well with transient services, socket activated services and service templating.

Untested backups aren’t backups

Don’t remember where I read it

Bug Hunter Handbook

This book will contain list of resources that will help bug bounty hunters with resources that are useful during their bug bounty journey. These are resources I have collected for my personal reference and full credit goes respective the Blog/Article/Presentation/Tweet owners and the awesome community.



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