Notes #4

The Code Review Pyramid

Its intention is to help putting focus on those parts which matter the most during a code review (in my opinion, anyways), and also which parts could and should be automated.

The easiest way to speed up Python with Rust

If you want to speed up some existing Python code, writing a compiled extension in Rust can be an excellent choice.

Pro-Tip – pytest fixtures are magic!

Fixtures are the building blocks of writing good tests. Writing great tests is easy if you have great fixtures, and your development velocity will skyrocket.

Tokenized Tokens

HTTP proxy that injects 3rd party credentials into requests.

This is a really exciting project. Feels similar to a project I implemented at my previous company and what Very Good Security does. Recently I’ve been working on better secrets management in my apps and this gave me a lot of inspiration.


Pines is a library of animations, sliders, tooltips, accordions, modals, and more! It’s a set of UI elements that can be copy and pasted into any Alpine and Tailwind projects.

This project looks good but TBH some of the components have a lot of Alpine code in them. I guess there’s no way around that.