Want to Learn Ember.js? Start Here


Ember is awesome but it requires some effort to get started with. This is my attempt to make thing easier for everyone trying to learn. Here’s my collection of getting started resources for Ember.js.


Building Web Applications with Ember.js –  Yehuda Katz shows us how Ember can be used to build fast and responsive apps, and shares some nifty aspects of Ember you might not know about.


Ember Guides – Read this! This is the official documentation. If you tried reading it before you should really give it another chance. It’s a lot better than before, that’s why I recommend it as my #1 resource.

Building an Ember.js Application – This screencast will walk you through the process of building a blog reader application using Ember.js 1.0.

An Ember.js beginners tutorial –  Pretty long tutorial covering all the basics of building an Ember app.


And then…
Ember without Ember Data – As the title suggests, this is great post on how to use Ember without the Ember Data persistence layer.

Ember 101 – Learn Ember One Video At a Time.

Embercasts – Ember focused screencasts.


Getting Help
StackOverflow [ember.js] – Start by searching StackOverflow for questions tagged with ember.js

#emberjs on Freenode – My experience here has been amazing. Just make sure you are polite and if you need to share some code use something like jsbin.


Source code to learn from
Todo MVC


Staying up to date
Ember Hot Seat Podcast – The Ember Hot Seat is be a web series dedicated in bringing you the latest and greatest news from the Ember.js community.

EmberWatch – A great aggregator of Ember-related content.

EmberWeekly – The latest Ember.js news, tips & code delivered directly to your inbox.



Finally if you want to super charge your learning process you should really go to a local Ember meetup or start your own like I did with Ember.js Puerto Rico.


Did I miss something? Share your resources on the comments below.