Unfinished Business

By: Elving Rodríguez

I have this bad habit of starting a project or idea and then loosing interest or abandoning it to start something new. As a result, I have a list of unfinished projects that haunts me every day. So I’m going to publicly list these unfinished projects hoping that it makes me feel obligated to finish them; like peer pressure. I think this is the kind of pressure I need to push myself to finish them.

rround v2
Some time ago I started rewriting rround using brunch.io just so I had an excuse to learn Coffeescript, Stylus and other stuff. I also wanted to change the design and experiment with modular javascript architecture.

rround v2

Progress: 80%

Tendons is a tiny Backbone plugin that lets you bind model changes to DOM elements of a view. So something like:

tendons: { 'text:title': 'h1.title' }

Would change the text of the h1 element with the value of the title attribute everytime it changes (instead of re-rendering the whole view to see the change).


Progress: 95%

Twitter Favorites Viewer
I use the favorite feature in Twitter like bookmarks or a read it later list. The problem is that I don’t like browsing my favorites as a list and I don’t remember which favorites I’ve read. Plus for some reason twitter never shows me the complete list.

Twitter Favorites

Progress: 5%

I’ve been playing around with modular javascript for a while and I love it. So I wanted to do the same with CSS like some CSS preprocessors. CSS has the @import function which is great to separate and structure your code. The problem is that the browser does an HTTP request for each @import in your CSS file. Glue is a Nodejs CLI that glues your @imports together into a single file. It has an option to watch for changes in the files you import and glues them automagically when you save them.


Progress: 90%

So there you go, now there’s no excuse to not finish these projects. I encourage everyone to do the same in a comment by following the same format: title, description and progress. Now it’s time to stop talking and start coding!