TextExpander Snippet Group for Pastie

Last night @bshep made this cool group of snippets for TextExpander. How it works is that you copy a piece of code, for example a piece of JavaScript. Now you just type /pjs and TextExpander will replace that keyword with a Pastie URL. The code will be formatted correctly depending on the keyword used.

The group includes keywords for PHP, HTML, CSS, ActionScript, Plain Text, SQL, JavaScript, Diff, Python, Ruby, C, Java, HTML Rails, Pascal, Perl and YAML. The keywords can be easily changed to suit your taste.

To install just download the zip file and extract. Inside the main folder you will find a folder called pastie, put that folder in (~/Library/Application Support/TextExpander). Now open TextExpander and click the + button and select Add Group From File and select the Pastie.textexpander file. You are done!

Download: 38.2 KB

UPDATED Instructions: To install the snippets just open TextExpander and click on the + symbol, select Add Group from URL and a diaglog box will appear. In that box enter and click on the OK button. That’s it. Now there is no need to download anything else. ENJOY!

BTW I asked Josh Goebel the creator of Pastie if this was cool and he said it was ok via twitter.