Want to learn Django? Start here.

Today I read a post on HN called Want to learn Rails? Start Here and it seemed like a great idea so I decided to do the same for Django.

This is my collection of web resources for folks who are just getting started with Django. The list contains what I believe is the absolute essential for the total n00b. I added a link to more than 170 videos on various Django topics as a bonus just to give newcomers an idea of how much information about Django it’s out there. What are you waiting for? Get started.

The official Django tutorial – Writing your first Django app

Getting started with Django on Heroku – The easiest way to deploy your projects and free hosting

The Django Book – It’s a bit outdated but still a great place to get started

Django Best Practices – Here you can learn some really good tips on how to organize your projects

170+ Django conference videos – Everything and anything, great resource

Finally a cool tip I just found out about. If you are looking for information about any object in the Django framework you can just type in your browser<any object here> and you will be redirected to the proper page in the official documentation. Try it

Tutorial de Backbone.js

Un post cortito para compartir este tutorial sobre backbone.js

Hello Backbone.js

Tour de GIT

He visto muchos tutoriales sobre git pero este creo que es el mejor. Te llevan paso a paso por todo el proceso de setup, hasta crear tu primer repositorio y finalmente compartirlo con el web. El titulo de este tutorial puede hacer pensar a algunos que no es algo completo, pero no es así. Tiene mucha profundidad y en realidad creo que toca casi todo lo que se sobre esta herramienta.