From DHTML to Node.js

I’ve been using JavaScript since we used to call it DHTML or something like that. Things have changed dramatically for the language we all used to love hating. There’s is a new community, with new platforms and even a refreshed language about to land with the arrival of ES6. While writing this blog post I […]

Presentación: Python en Blimp @ #prPIG

Este próximo martes, 9 de Abril de 2013 a las 6:30 pm será la cuarta reunión de prPIG (Puerto Rico Python Interest Group) y la primera con el “nuevo formato”. De ahora en adelante en cada reunión tendremos a alguien del grupo o algún invitado especial haciendo una presentación al principio de la reunión. Para estrenar este […]

How to host Django apps on Heroku

Today Heroku announced their integration with Facebook. Now, with only a few clicks you can have a Facebook application running on Heroku. This sounded interesting so I gave it a try. But while doing it I noticed something unexpected. The environment option of the Heroku hosting dialog showed PHP, Node.js, Ruby and Python. Wait what? […]