Django project layout for Heroku

By: José Padilla At Blimp we love working with Django. We use it for almost all of our projects, including Blimp and -M. In Django 1.4, the startproject and startapp commands came with a new template option. Specifying this –template option lets you use a custom project directory structure for your project from a path or […]

Taller: Cloud Computing for Hackers

El próximo martes 23 de octubre y jueves 25 de octubre de 7pm a 9pm, estaré ofreciendo un taller sobre “cloud computing” especialmente diseñado para “hackers”. El evento es idea de Rafael Arce del Departamento de Ciencias en Computadoras de la UPR de Rio Pierdras. NOTA: El término “cloud computing” puede significar un montón de […]

How to host Django apps on Heroku

Today Heroku announced their integration with Facebook. Now, with only a few clicks you can have a Facebook application running on Heroku. This sounded interesting so I gave it a try. But while doing it I noticed something unexpected. The environment option of the Heroku hosting dialog showed PHP, Node.js, Ruby and Python. Wait what? […]