Google Drive is here

Google Drive integration

Just a few days ago we told you about our Dropbox integration. Today we are happy to announce that Blimp now plays nicely with Google Drive.

Now on the files page you can upload files from your computer, attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive. So, if you have your files on Google Drive is pretty simple to attach them to tasks or just share them with your team within a project.

Files attached from Google Drive won’t count agains your plan storage limits. If you want to start using Google Drive today, just upgrade to the beta tester plan.



Django Static Files on Heroku

It’s a fact. Heroku is a great solution for Python web developers. They are the best and truly polyglot hosting solution for web apps. The only thing that took me a while to get working with my Django apps was the static files. I started using S3 as my backend but preferred a simpler solution for very small projects.

I searched around and found a very simple solution.

web: python app/ collectstatic --noinput; bin/gunicorn_django --workers=4 --bind=$PORT app/ 

Just add the collectstatic command to the Procfile.