Facebook Open Graph custom actions tutorial

By: José Padilla Facebook has extended their Open Graph to include actions and objects created by third party apps enabling these apps to be integrated even deeper into the Facebook experience. I just recently had to implement publishing of custom actions on a project. Facebook’s documentation didn’t help me much at all so I’ll share the […]

How our tribute to “The Hacker Way” pissed off a Facebook designer

Inspired by this photo and Mark Zuckerberg’s letter to shareholders, we decided to get some of the posters the Facebook guys have on their offices. That letter and the messages on those posters resonated with our “Hacker Mentality”. So, we decided to make a few prints for ourselves and some to give a way to the presenters […]

Sociópatas en los medios sociales

Una compañía que domine algún mercado no debe preguntarse si entrar o no a los medios sociales, lo más posible es que ya están. Sus clientes ya están hablado de su producto o servicio, la elección que debe hacer la compañía es si participar de esa discusión o quedarse al margen.Hoy día prácticamente todas deciden […]