Blog re-design for sale


This blog has gone through many transformations over the years, but I’ve never taken the time and effort to design and code a custom theme from scratch. So, that’s what I did and this is what I made. This new design features the full content of the latest post on the home page and one post per page. The idea is to remove as much as possible and focus on just delivering content.

For this design I used Skeleton, a very cool boilerplate project to create responsive websites. Almost all of the mobile support magic comes from skeleton. I wrote all the initial styles in stylus using brunch to handle the pre-processing and concatenation of files. Once the markup was done and the templates converted to WordPress I did all further css editing by hand to avoid re-configuring brunch to put files in the proper WordPress directories. I focused on finishing the website as fast as possible. The whole thing took 8 hours from wireframe to what you see here.

I intend to get the project back to working with brunch pretty soon. Writing the styles in stylus, less or scss is much better than doing stuff by hand. I also want to convert the JavaScript to CoffeeScript, right now the theme has very little JS but I plan to add some functionality very soon and I prefer writing CoffeeScript.

The only plugin dependency is CodeColorer for syntax highlighting. I’m using disqus for comments but it’s optional. The default WordPress comments work, but I have not applied any style to them. They look pretty bad. I use a few other plugins but they are completely optional.

Finally, what I would like to know is if anyone is interested in buying a copy of this WordPress theme. I thought that if I sell a few copies, that will allow me to make the theme better in a shorter amount of time. I would charge something like $15 per website. Are you interested? Leave a comment, @reply on twitter or send me an email.

The theme is finally available for sale.
Get it today.