Staying up to date

Part of my job is to stay up to date with what is happening in the development and design worlds. I read a lot and listen to a bunch of podcasts about the industry.

In this post you will find the resources I use more often. I don’t read or visit all these sites every day and I recommend you don’t do it either. Visiting this kind of site without moderation can quickly become a waste of time.


Whenever I find an article that looks interesting I add it to my to-dos app. In there I have a few lists I use to keep things organized. The lists are called “Read later”, “Watch later” and “Try later”.

Then, when I have a few minutes to spare (usually on mornings) I go to one of the lists and pick something. If I like the article or video I’ll take a few notes and save the link for future reference.


Twitter lists



I keep an updated list of all the podcasts I listen to on this blog. There you will find a few shows about software development, electronics and infosec. Podcasts are my favorite source of new things to learn and research. Frequently while listening to podcasts I will pause to write a few notes or add links to one of my “later” lists.

Do you have a favorite I did not include?