The easiest way to get started with MongoDB on the Mac


A few days ago I released my first ever “real” swift app. The app is called and it’s just a thin wrapper around the official MongoDB binaries that you can download from their site. The app will add a status menu icon which will allow you to start and stop a local MongoDB server visually. All data saved by the server will be stored to ~/Documents/MongoData.

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#BFTW: Foundation

One day training program for aspiring web developers.

Learn the core technologies of the web, from an awesome team of experienced web developers.

Who should attend?
This training is designed for people with very little or no experience in web development. We will introduce you to the foundational technologies of web development: HTML and CSS. There is no age requirement but a basic knowledge of using a computer, creating, editing, deleting files and browsing the web is required.

The lectures will be offered in Spanish and materials will be in English. A lot of the terminology tends to be in English so we expect attendees to have at least some basic English skills.

Tell me more
Below you’ll find a few of the topics we are going to cover on the training. As you can see it’s going to be quite an intense ride so rest well and come ready.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Working with Links, Images and Paragraphs
  • HTML Structure: Using Lists
  • HTML Structure: Tables, Divs and Spans
  • Building your first page
  • Styling HTML Elements
  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS Classes and IDs
  • CSS Selectors
  • CSS Element Positioning
  • Styling your first page
  • A little about responsive web design
  • Brief intro to Bootstrap

Staying up to date


As a web developer / designer, part of my job is to stay up to date with what is happening in the development and design worlds. I read a lot and listen to a bunch of podcasts about the industry.

Here’s a list of my favorite resources. I don’t read or visit all these sites every day and I recommend you don’t do it either. Visiting this kind of site without moderation can quickly become a waste of time. Specially the comment sections of popular link sites have become a wasteland, stay away from there if you can.

What I do recommend is that if you have a few minutes to kill you should visit one of these links and maybe find one or two articles worth reading. I usually put them in my Pocket and read them in the morning with my coffee. The same advice also applies to the newsletters and podcasts. Subscribe to a bunch of them and decide what to listen or what articles to read from the selection.

Link sites
This is one of the most obvious resources and it’s pretty good. On these sites you can find a lot of good links to blog posts and news articles. EmberWatch is kind of different since the specialize on Ember.js.

As you might know reddit is another link site but to be honest they are on a category of their own. I really like reddit.

This is a little app I made to browse dribbble shots. I didn’t like the site and the available apps are mostly bad IMHO. This is really simple and does what I need.

I have to say that this is the best source of high quality content. They are basically curated lists of links but the content is great most of the time.

Following the right people on GitHub is a great way to find out about really cool projects a long time before they become popular.

Same as with GitHub, following the right people and topics can lead you to knowing about cool stuff before it hits the link sites.

I love podcasts and listen to a lot of them. This are some of the ones I’m listening right now and are related to development. I also have another list of favorite podcasts.

Building For The Web

Building For The Web - Technologies


Hace unos meses hablando con José y Froilan decidimos que en nuestra comunidad hace falta tener un taller sobre tecnologías web modernas. La gran parte de los developers en Puerto Rico están trabajando con las tecnologías de Microsoft y Java que aunque son excelentes no son las herramientas que usualmente se seleccionan para empezar un startup. Podemos debatir el porque pero esta es la realidad y nos parece justificada.

Nuestra motivación es proveer un camino para que developers con algo de experiencia puedan adquirir conocimientos en tecnologías modernas con gran demanda en el mundo de startups. Entendemos que tener experiencia en estas tecnologías pone a estos developers en la trayectoria correcta ya sea para conseguir un empleo en un startup de rápido crecimiento o para empezar su propio startup. Ambos desenlaces nos parecen positivos para la comunidad y por eso estamos haciendo este evento.

Diseñamos este taller como si fuera para nosotros. Por eso escogimos un “venue” agradable y moderno con buenas facilidades, tendremos comida caliente de calidad (no cajitas de sandwiches) y mucho contenido.

El formato del taller será de tres días, el primero hablaremos de workflow y colaboración, el segundo de servidores y el tercero del browser.

En la primera mitad de cada día haremos introducciones a los temas y hablaremos de todo lo que está pasando en ese espacio. La intención es que todo el mundo tenga un contexto de donde estamos y de las tecnologías que hemos escogido para hacer la parte “hands on” del taller.

La segunda mitad del día será dedicada a ejecutar un proyecto (la parte “hands on”). Guiaremos a los asistentes paso a paso hasta crear un ejemplo del mundo real. De esa forma se llevan el conocimiento necesario para empezar a construir aplicaciones ambiciosas y la experiencia de haber construido algo con sus propias manos.

Estamos super emocionados con este taller y le hemos dedicado mucho tiempo para garantizar que sea un éxito. La meta es lograr 30 asistentes y que cada uno de ellos se lleve las herramientas necesarias para mover su carrera al próximo nivel o para empezar su propia empresa.

Finalmente los invito a que participen y aprovechen el precio especial “early bird” que dura hasta el martes 1ro de julio de 2014. Con esta oferta se economizan $200 del precio regular.

También hay oportunidad para ganar un ticket gratis si completan este formulario. Nuestros amigos de Explorer Media están comprometidos con nuestra comunidad y han decidido auspiciar este concurso. Los que completen el formulario y no ganen tendrán derecho al precio “early bird” por un periodo extendido. No hay nada que perder.


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