Browser window template for Sketch


Just a quick post to share a Sketch template I made and have used a lot recently.

It’s just a minimal browser window that works great when showing web designs to your team or clients.

Since I’ve been using this a lot I thought you guys might find it useful. You can download and use this template freely.

Default The easiest way to get started with MongoDB on the Mac


A few days ago I released my first ever “real” swift app. The app is called and it’s just a thin wrapper around the official MongoDB binaries that you can download from their site. The app will add a status menu icon which will allow you to start and stop a local MongoDB server visually. All data saved by the server will be stored to ~/Documents/MongoData.


Algunas cosas que quiero hacer este año


Hoy fue mi primer día de trabajo oficial del 2015 por lo que decidí hacer una lista de prioridades para este nuevo año. Dividí la lista en tres categorias y aquí la comparto en su totalidad.

#BFTW: Foundation

One day training program for aspiring web developers.

Learn the core technologies of the web, from an awesome team of experienced web developers.

Who should attend?
This training is designed for people with very little or no experience in web development. We will introduce you to the foundational technologies of web development: HTML and CSS. There is no age requirement but a basic knowledge of using a computer, creating, editing, deleting files and browsing the web is required.

The lectures will be offered in Spanish and materials will be in English. A lot of the terminology tends to be in English so we expect attendees to have at least some basic English skills.

Tell me more
Below you’ll find a few of the topics we are going to cover on the training. As you can see it’s going to be quite an intense ride so rest well and come ready.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Working with Links, Images and Paragraphs
  • HTML Structure: Using Lists
  • HTML Structure: Tables, Divs and Spans
  • Building your first page
  • Styling HTML Elements
  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS Classes and IDs
  • CSS Selectors
  • CSS Element Positioning
  • Styling your first page
  • A little about responsive web design
  • Brief intro to Bootstrap

Staying up to date

Part of my job is to stay up to date with what is happening in the development and design worlds. I read a lot and listen to a bunch of podcasts about the industry.

In this post you will find the resources I use more often. I don’t read or visit all these sites every day and I recommend you don’t do it either. Visiting this kind of site without moderation can quickly become a waste of time.


Whenever I find an article that looks interesting I add it to my to-dos app. In there I have a few lists I use to keep things organized. The lists are called “Read later”, “Watch later” and “Try later”.

Then, when I have a few minutes to spare (usually on mornings) I go to one of the lists and pick something. If I like the article or video I’ll take a few notes and save the link for future reference.


Twitter lists



I keep an updated list of all the podcasts I listen to on this blog. There you will find a few shows about software development, electronics and infosec. Podcasts are my favorite source of new things to learn and research. Frequently while listening to podcasts I will pause to write a few notes or add links to one of my “later” lists.

Do you have a favorite I did not include?