elwebUI: Complete web wireframe kit


Over the past three year my main job has been to design web interfaces and interactions. Most of my day consisted on making wireframes for new web projects. From simple landing pages to complex multi step processes to select the best bank account for any given customer and everything in between.

This is a collection of all the little things that I’ve made over the years. I use this stuff all the time to produce high quality wireframes for my customers and for my own projects. The goal of this stencil is to become a complete collection of commonly used interface items for web projects. Right now I think most of them are there. To use this stencil you will need OmniGraffle, possible the best wireframing tool in the planet.

Download elwebUI  Stencil for OmniGraffle

elwebUI Download


Preview of elwebUI

Here is the link to the Graffletopia page where elwebUI is hosted. Please leave your suggestions of comments below. I want to make this stencil as useful as possible for everybody.